About Us

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Molecular Filtration, Inc. is an independent manufacturer of advanced organophobic ceramic membranes and filtration systems.


  • Our objective is to provide state-of-the art organophobic ceramic membrane and filtration systems allowing the optimization of filtration.
  • Our advanced organophobic ceramic membrane and filtration systems provide innovative solutions for industrial gas and liquid process filtration.
  • Organophobic ceramic membrane and  filtration systems increase process efficiency and yields, concentrate and purify products, recycle valuable process streams and consolidate and minimize waste.
  • Our company provides highly effective products and superior customer service and technical support
  • Our products not only increase our customer profitability but also improve our environment.

Our Vision

We intend to revolutionize the industry by serving our customers with unequalled capabilities, competencies and commitment.

We create shareholder value through superior capabilities in the production, delivery and sale of our ceramic membrane filtration systems and filtration-related products and services for our customers worldwide.


We will be:



  • Leaders in our industry, communities and business
  • Innovators constantly seeking new and better ways to serve our customers
  • Fast & flexible in anticipating and adapting to customer needs
  • Accountable for our work, safety and personal growth
  • Growth Oriented and Aggressive in pursuing business goals
  • Partners with customers, team mates, suppliers, regulators and owners
  • Stewards of our communities, environment and corporate reputation; and
  • Ethical in all our business dealings

Our Mission

  • Be the world's advanced ceramic membrane filtration system company
  • Enrich and efficiently improve the process filtration of our customers
  • Deliver superior returns to our shareholders