Molecular Filtration for Precious Metals Recovery

A cost-effective and efficient processing solution

Molecular Filtration technology provides a innovative and cost effective method of recovering colloidal precious metals of all kinds from wastestreams resulting from mining or excavation.

Existing technologies are limited in the yield possible for metals recovery. By using precise molecular filtration membranes, nearly complete capture of valuable metals can now be accomplished.

Molecular Filtration Technology has the ability to perform membrane separations not possible using conventional membrane systems. Molecular Filtration membrane wastewater treatment systems that are compact, economical, and reliable are now possible for the mining industry.



Do not let that 10% go to waste

Very often only about 90% of the precious metals can be recovered using the standard methods. One of the reasons for this is the existance of Colloidal gold, silve, platinum, rhodium,and other extremely valuable metals. Collidal particles are very small suspended solids that will not readily settle out. Generally they are 5 - 5000 Angstroms in size and are difficult to filter out using conventional filtration methods.

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