Zero Discharge - Why not?

Zero discharge - Waste Water
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Reducing water consumption and avoiding effluents is a general goal nowdays.


On one hand water consumption affects plant profitability due to additional initial and life cycle costs like expenses for water supply and for waste water disposal.


On the other hand avoiding high water consumption and avoiding waste water disposal is an important contribution to environmental protection.


When we talk about the possibility of zero discharge we present a realistic option.

  1. Separate the valuable products
  2. Recycle the water free of organics and bacteria back into your process


Our approach calls for a free chemical separation process, so no modification to the original feed is made. This translates into more products back into your process. 

In addition, you will need less raw materials to treat, for example water.

Let's do it together!!!

If we think alike then we can do it... if you think we can save you money, improve the productivity of your plant and help protect the environment, then we are thinking the same!

Show us your challenges, we'll show you our solutions and increase the profitability of your plant. We will help you to be improve your environmental compliancy regulations, and what is more important, help you focus on your core business.


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