Frac Water Treatment

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We all know how hot is this topic, from the environmental, to political arena.

Frac water is water with a number of materials added to it. The most problematic of the ingredients is biocide used to prevent micro-organisms from growing in the well.


"Biocides kill things"


The industry will produce an estimated 7 billion gallons of wastewater a year.


Treatment technologies include pretreatment so conventional wastewater treatment processes can efficiently treat the waste; chemical precipitation, which involves adding chemicals to the wastewater to form particles that settle and remove contaminants; and evaporation, all this technologies are old and expensive process.

Having environmental issues with your frac water?

Frac Pit

Molecular Filtration, Inc. has developed new ceramic membrane that combines innovative design features and unique materials of construction to provide the maximum organic and ions (Heavy metals) rejection in conjuction with our proprietary chemical intervention (Chemical Injection) in the feed water. These provides superb capabilities to separate organics and heavy metals in comparison to the conventional ceramic membrane process that can resolve your environmental issues of frac water.

We will clean your water and help you to re-use for the next re-injection.

How clean we can produced your water?

Clean frac water free of organics and bacteria

When we said we clean it, we mean it, it will be free of organics, heavy metals and bacterias.

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