Molecular Filtration - Organic Solvent

Chemical resistant organophobic ceramic membrane materials, in combination with innovative nano-technology to modify surfaces for specific purposes, enable a wide range of new promising applications for membrane separation processes.

Based on these developments Molecular Filtration, Inc., offers attractive solutions for challenging separations in the molecular range focusing on treatment of organic liquids.

As alternative to or in combination with conventional separation operations, solvent resistant organophobic ceramic membranes provide the opportunity of highly efficient process installations for the selective separation of liquid organic mixtures.

Molecular Filtration, Inc. Organophobic Ceramic Membrane Nano-Technology provides membranes with excellent performance to meet high requirements in molecular filtration applications. Based on our know-how and experience in process design and engineering various applications have been already implemented.

Features and Advantages of Organophobic Ceramic Membrane Nano-Technology

  • Outstanding performance with regard to permeability and selectivity
  • Chemical resistance to organic media e.g.: Alkanes (Hexane, etc.), Aromatics (Toluene, etc.), Alcohols (Ethanol, etc.), Ethers (THF, etc.), Ketones (Acetone, etc.), Esters (Ethyl acetate, etc.)
  • Long-term durability
  • Mechanical stability in a wide range of pressures and temperatures
  • Easy configuration for different types of modules

Applications (Examples)

  • Recovery of homogenous catalysts from reaction mixtures
  • Conditioning of liquid hydrocarbons
  • Purification of organic solvents
  • Concentration and cleaning of fine chemicals
  • Recycling of used lube oil
  • Fractionating of different molecules
  • Highly sophisticated test units and advanced analytics ensure the optimised selection and reliable evaluation of membranes.



Organophobic Ceramic Membrane Nano-Technology production and supply of required membrane modules type design is provided by Molecular Filtration, Inc. to all international codes and standards.

Our Services at a Glance

  • Evaluation of your separation problem and technical support by our experts
  • Lab-scale membrane tests (chemical resistance, membrane screening, feasibility studies)
  • Development and optimisation of nanofiltration membranes for your specific application
  • In-house membrane and module manufacturing
  • Pilot scale field tests
  • Process design (basic engineering)
  • Detail engineering and construction
  • Process units (pilot scale, production process systems)
  • Laboratory Test Rig


  • Cell design enables defined cross-flow velocities
  • Reproducible test results
  • Feed, retentate and permeate sampling (during unit operating)
  • Automated unit control and monitoring
  • Computer-aided data processing and documentation
  • Temperature-controlled tests

Scope of Applications

  • Membrane screening and characterisation
  • Long-term performance tests
  • Determination of reliable scale-up parameters for industrial modules
  • Optimisation tests for industrial process parameters
  • Small-scale production and processing for product evaluation (purification, concentration)

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