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Molecular Filtration, Inc. has been the world’s leading manufacturer of molecular filtration systems and molecular filtration process design. With the implementation of our proprietary chemical intervention on the feed wastewater a breakthrough came along and filtration at the molecular level is a reality.


Filtration at the molecular level happens instantaneously. With the use of our proprietary chemistry on the feed waste-water and what is more important, it happens at low pressure and low energy consumption.


Now separation of organics does happen because its molecular size, in other words, separation does happen by size exclusion, it happens because our organophobic tubular ceramic membranes reject organics by the nature or its membrane porosity and innovative design features and unique materials of construction to provide our ceramic membrane with superb properties.

No more fouling or clogging of our filters, now we can have unstoppable organic rejection.




Absolute organic rejection
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Feature Complete State of the Art System

Molecular Filtration systems are unique in the quantity and quality of the process fluid they produced. Here are some of the features of our systems:

  • Fully automatic system
  • Touch screen panels
  • Variable speed controllers
  • Stainless steel piping, connection and valves
  • Air or electrical operated valve
  • Pre-filter screen for large solids
  • Magnetic and ultrasound flow meters
  • pH, Temperature and pressure sensors 
  • Particle counter (optional)
  • TOC analyzer (Optional)
  • Validation of process



Fully Automated Ceramic Membrane Filtration Systems
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Ease of Use

Molecular filtration systems are ease to use. Since they use a simple interface minimum training is required to operate our equipment and units. It can be connected to the main control room. The process can be monitored from a remote location

Low Maintenance

As long as the operator follows the standard operation procedures and follows the routine maintenance as per our specification, systems and units should operate normally.


Upgrading Your Conventional System?

From its inception Molecular Filtration, Inc. (MFI) has emphasized the importance of stable systems. Be able to upgrade from a conventional filtration system should be as easy as plug and play operation.  

Our team is ready to help you with the transition from conventional filtration to a state-of the-art molecular filtration process. With the proper chemical intervention on the feed waste-water, no more upset on your process, secure and absolute filtration at the molecular level.