CERALUMOXANE™ Membrane Specifications



Product Description


MFI -19060-OD40

Serial Number:


Raw Material:

∝ -Alumina/Zirconia

Pore Size:

200 nm


Multi-Channel tubular element

Major Applications:

Liquid Solid Separation, Oil/Water Separation, Flowback Fracking Fluids, Wastewater Treatment, Organics/Water Separation, Produced Water, Refinery Wastewater Recycling. Pre-Treatment of Water prior to Reverse Osmosis. Seawater Pre-treatment.

Membrane Area


0.358 m2

Operation & Design Information

Typical Operating Pressure:

29 -145 psi (2-10 Bar)

Maximum Operating Temperature:

302°F (150°C)

Maximum Cleaning Temperature:

176°F (80°C)

Allowable pH - Continuous operation:

2 – 12

Allowable pH - Clean-In-Place (CIP):

2 – 12

Solvent Stability:

Unaffected due to different seals

Flux Data

Pure water flux:

700-800 l.m2.h.bar

Element water flux:

250-280 LPH

Test Conditions:

176°F (80°C) 14 psi (1bar), 86°F (25°C). pure water

Product Dimensions





MFI -19060-OD40

Total length

Outside Diameter

Channel Diameter

Channel Qty

Gross Weight

1000 mm

40 mm

6.0 mm


2.52 kg

About our CeralumoxaneTM inorganic ceramic membrane

Membrane Characteristics:

CeralumoxaneTM is an organophobic ceramic membrane in a tubular multichannel configuration, with superb organophobic rejection due to its nanotechnology patented process.

Operating Limits:

Operating Pressure: Maximum operating pressure for CeralumoxaneTM membrane is 145 psi (10bar). Actual operating pressure is dependent upon system flux rate, as well as feed viscosity, CP and temperature conditions.

Temperature: Maximum operating temperature is 302°F(150°C). Temperature change should not exceed 10°C per minute.

pH: Allowable range for continuous operation is 2 -12.

Prefilter for membrane: Screen filter of 30 U.S. -MESH or 595 microns

Feed Flow Rate: To acquire a lowest fouling on membrane layer and prevent the channel blocked, a minimum cross flow recirculation velocity is necessary due to liquid of different viscosity:


Min – (m3/h)

Max – (m3/h)

MFI -19060-OD40



Actual feed flow rate is dependent feed characteristics (Viscosity, TS ,Temperature etc), fouling tendency, concentrate parameter and system design. For more details,  please consult with Molecular Filtration, Inc. for technical support.

Membrane Handling:

Recommended Cleaners for recovering membrane:

Due to our nanotechnology please consult Molecular Filtration, Inc. for more information on cleaning.

Preservation: Should be made with clean water.

Storage: The membrane module should not get dry. It should be stored in clean water in a firm vessel in case of bump.

Service and Ongoing Technical Support

Molecular Filtration, Inc. has an experienced staff of professionals available to assist you to optimize existing systems and support with the development of new applications. We have a comprehensive product development program to ensure the availability of state-of-the-art products. Molecular Filtration, Inc. will provide knowledgeable assistance whether it is staff training, review of system operations, or recommendations for fine tuning your system.

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