Molecular Filtration, Inc. (MFI) understands that plant downtime or not being able to meet production demands is not an option.


Molecular Filtration, Inc offers design to your specification molecular filtration mobile unit water pre-treatment system, providing rapid response for a full range of pre-treatment water for reverse osmosis, and demineralization. Mobile water treatment units are available upon request, quickly for either emergency, short term, or extended term service.


All Aspects of Pre-treatment Water

MFI provides all aspects of pre-treatment water, from system analysis and design through installation, maintenance, upgrades, and emergency response. Included are immediate system backup, complete analytical laboratory, application and engineering consultants, qualified and college degreed Field Service Representatives.



Each MolecularFiltration-MobileFlow® System contains  stainless steel housing of uniform size, with a piping system to allow operation in series or parallel.

The system can be operated by an MFI Field Service Representative, your plant personnel, or remotely monitored. Automatic shutdown features protect from power failure, excess pressure and off-specification water. Units are capable of producing upto 600GPM of clean free organics and bacteria free produced water.



Emergency Services:


  • Your in-house water system suddenly goes off-spec
  • An accident damages your water system's controls
  • Feedwater quality dramatically changes, and your system cannot meet quality specifications


Short Term Services:


  • A drought stresses water supplies, changing your water source such that your system cannot adjust
  • You face a seasonal increase in production demand
  • You need more boiler feedwater to ramp up production at a new facility
  • Your water system will be shut down for extensive maintenance or to install new equipment

All equipment is manufactured by MFI to ISO 9001 quality standards. Let MFI show you all the many ways our MolecularFiltration-MobileFlow®  service can drive business performance and profit.



50 GPM MolecularFiltration-MobileFlow®

Here is our typical 50 GPM mobile unit. Capable of reaching remote areas, built-in with chemical injection system for feed water.

100 GPM MolecularFiltration-MobileFlow®

Here is our typical 100 GPM mobile unit. Capable of reaching remote areas, built-in with chemical injection system for feed water. Suitable for refineries, chemical plant, power station, petrochemicals, oil field operations where produced water, flowback, frack water needs to be recycle.



200 GPM MolecularFiltration-MobileFlow®

Where large volumes of treated water are needed, and area is a restricted factor, our 200 GPM on single unit will cover the demands of your water needs.



Benefits to You


  • Production continuity, productivity gains
  • Meet seasonal demands without capital investment
  • Save time and cost on repair projects and new plant or process start-ups
  • Guaranteed water quality and quantity
  • Long asset life through high-quality water pre-treatment
  • Safe operation and regulatory compliance

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