Plate Type Evaporator

The evaporation device is mainly used for the evaporation and elimination of water in diluted materials to receive highly concentrated product.

The evaporation device is mainly used for the evaporation and elimination of water in diluted materials to receive highly concentrated product.

The core equipment of plate  type evaporation device Iis the plate type evaporator.

It works as follows: diluted material flows out of the passage among the plates and evaporates after being heated by the steam coming from both sides of the steam passages. After evaporation, the material becomes of gas-liquid mix and is discharged from the outlet before it enters the gas~|iquid separator; it again is separated into secondary steam and concentrated material. Heat up the steam, which becomes condensate after releasing heat of evaporation and is discharged from the condensation water port. Plate type evaporator is featured by high efficiency, compact structure, and easy installation and disassembly. More importantly, it holds little liquid for a very short period and is therefore very suitable for the concentration of heat sensitive materials.


Measurement and control device

The main purpose of the evaporation process is to acquire a constant final concentration. Therefore, it is extremely important that all parameters, such as steam pressure, product feeding, and vacuum, remain unchanged. Variation of aforementioned parameters may affect the operation of evaporation device or alter quality and heat balance. In accordance with technological demand and customer requirements, we have provided necessary measurement and control system for evaporation device. In addition to regular control system, we also provide procedure control system.

Manual control

This device is operated manually. Concentrated solution samples must be examined regularly. Such control is applicable for simple devices that may accepts light quality fluctuations.

Semi-automatic control system

Some key parameters such as steam pressure, feeding quantity, vacuum, density of the final concentration solution, and liquid level, are all kept steady through hardware controller and recorded by data recorder. Motor and valve operation of the pump is completed through the manual operation system on the control panel.

Semi-automatic PLC control system

The device is operated by the PLC (programmable logic controller) software controller with operational input. Data monitoring system is provided by a PC. Controller, motor, and valve are all operated manually on the PC. Minor programmed sequence, such as ”cleaning method” is also completed in this way. All key measurement data are recorded and displayed on the monitor. 

Fully automatic PLC control system

As an extension,  PLC system ¡s used as an automatic control system PRODUCT", "PRODUCTION", "CLEANING", and "STOP" procedures may be collectively operated and monitored on the parameters are entered into the data field and displayed graphically device is able to automatically switch to a safe mode when operation system of the device has also improved efficiency and effectiveness.

Procedure control system

This device is controlled by one or more automatic system, which are also integrated into existing procedural structure. The procedure control system is particularly applicable to the production and batch production of a variety of products.

Application of plate type evaporation device