Critical Industrial Operation - Separation at Molecular Level




There are essentially three ways to increase your profits.


  • You can enhance your product
  • Improve your process, or
  • Decrease costs by recovering lost product.


MFI offers a unique technologies to concentrate, purify and extract value from your production processes.

Our capabilities include:


  • Condensate water and thermal recovery

  • Product recovery and concentration

  • Organic recovery and desalting

  • Brine purification

  • Oily water purification (produced waters)

  • Gold and copper recovery and effluent purification

  • Mine water purification and reuse

  • Caustic purification (alumina processes)

MFI's organophobic ceramic membrane, chemical and physical separation offerings include advanced membrane systems that perform precise separations up to 194 °F (90°C). That allows you to reclaim hot condensate and other hot (or chilled) process waste streams, conserving significant energy while reclaiming water, reducing waste and sometimes reclaiming otherwise lost product.

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