The United States uses about 42 million m3 per day for it manufacturing industries, of which about 15% is "Ultra-pure water" used in critical applications.


The semiconductor and electronics industries

The semiconductor and electronics industries, which need an assured supply of high-quality water for washing integrated-circuit chips and other devices.


Pharmaceutical and biotechnology

Pharmaceutical and biotechnology need pure water for tissue culture media and bacteriological media, buffer solutions, analytical solvents, formulation aids, drug intravenous solutions, standards and reage

Polymer (Plastic) industry

In the Polymer (Plastic) industry, suspended matter interferes with polymerization reactions.

The electric and steam power industry is affected by seasonal variations in the colloidal silica content of the boiler feed water, which has a pronounced effect on the blowdown rate that prevents excessive scale formation on heating surfaces.

Figure 1 and 2 show schematics for producing various grades of high-quality water from various sources.



Process Water Pre-treatment
Click to enlarge - Process Water Pre-treatment
High Purity Pyrogen Free Water
Click to enlarge - High Purity Pyrogen Free Water

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