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A new frontier in filtration, deep at the molecular level,

like no filtration has been done before.

From non-polar molecules to viruses.

Molecular filtration technology comes to help the new frontier in filtration.



Ceralumoxane™ - Membranes - Unstoppable Organic Rejection

Ceralumoxane™ membranes are manufactured using  the "top‐down" approach.

This represents a departure from the  traditional synthetic methodologies of the "bottom‐up" approach, which is,  the  reaction of small inorganic molecules to form oligomeric and polymeric materials, and subsequently nanoparticles which is a common approach for a wide range of metal and non‐metaloxides.



Unparalleled non-polar organic molecule rejection.

Allowing filtration with no need of phase change.

Thus, eliminating the need for distillation.

  • Offshore & On-shore seawater pre-treatment
  • Industrial water pre-treatment previous to Reverse Osmosis

State-of-the-Art Molecular Filtration Systems

  • Molecular Filtration of the finest pharmaceutical products
    • Separation of polar from non-polar bio-components

Laboratory Table Top Unit

  • Ready for your test.
  • Membranes with different porosity.
  • Pump with variable speed controller.