Activated Filter Media (AFM)

The MFI Activated Filter Media (AFM) provides quick and easy service to meet the needs of water users. Units are available for emergency, supplemental, or long-term requirements.

Activated Filter Media Mobile Unit (click to enlarge)

Typical Ion Selectivity

Typical Applications

Designed specifically for the oil and gas industry and other industries where solvents and temperature is an issue.

  • Selective removal of heavy metals such as Iron and Manganese removal from groundwater sources, flow back, produced waters and frack water
  • Treatment of water with temperatures as high as 200 degrees fahrenheit
  • Removal of TSS and organics for reuse of process and waste waters.
  • Replacement of clarifiers

Pretreatment for Reverse Osmosis

In combination with Molecular Filtration organophobic ceramic membranes the units are capable of producing:

  • High-quality feed water enables RO systems to operate at peak performance with reduced fouling and less cleaning
  • Recycle produced, flowback and frack water from the oil and gas industry
  • Simplify overall pretreatment process
  • Protect RO membranes from upset caused by highly variable raw water quality; improves flux rate, reduces cleaning, and extends DI resin and RO membrane life

Tertiary Filtration

  • Meet or exceed increasingly stringent water treatment requirements
  • Enhance treated effluent quality from secondary wastewater treatment process
  • Easily augment or replace underperforming conventional granular media with advanced activated filter media
  • Restore wastewater to high-quality treated effluent that can be safely reused for irrigation, aquifer recharge, or process water

Key Design Features

 The Activated Filter Media (AFM)  is a container enclosed system designed for quick deployment and configured to produce up to 1,400,000 US gpd (5450 m3 /d) of water filtered from a variety of influent water sources. The system includes continuous monitoring instrumentation, including pressure, flow, temperature, and water quality, ensuring optimal operation