MFI + RO Integrated Mobile Unit

The MFI + RO Integrated unit is designed to produce  process quality water. 

Designed for quick deployment and operation, the MFI + RO integrated unit can process oily water from oil fields, refineries and petrochemical plants.


MFI + Reverse Osmosis Integrated Mobile Unit (click to enlarge)
MFI + Reverse Osmosis Integrated Mobile Unit (click to enlarge)

Water Treatment to serve a variety of needs

For long-term supplemental or emergency treatment MFI+RO Integrated Water Treatment System provides quality, reliability and flexibility and easy portability. The MFI+RO Integrated Water Treatment System can reject most ionic contaminants as well as organics over 200 molecular weight. The MFI+RO Integrated Water Treatment System has a total flow capacity of over 200 gpm (45 m3/hr). The organophobic ceramic membrane skid will remove all non polar organic compounds such as benzene, xylene, tolune and the RO can be modified to operate in single pass or two pass mode, with flows of 100 gpm (23 m3/hr) from each of two independently operated arrays. Two 60-inch (152.4 cm) diameter ASME code pressure vessels can be custom-loaded to provide additional treatment such as filtration, softening or dechlorination in either the pre- or post-RO position. Spiral-wound cellulose acetate or polyamide thin-film composite membranes are available, housed in 8-inch diameter stainless steel pressure vessels.

Included in the MFI+RO Integrated Water Treatment System are chemical injection, full instrumentation and fail-safe shut down controls. Components are housed in a weather- proof  fully-insulated container with a self-contained propane heating system, and to meet your water quality specifications, set up and monitoring is developed by one of MFI's experienced, extensively trained Field Service Representatives.

 Your  installation can be designed to precise operating specs with the assurance that if circumstances require, MFI’s fleet of mobile equipment stands ready to supplement your permanent system.

MFI provides components in custom skid-mount and mobile configurations to suit your specific requirements.  Design features ensure system reliability for five years, ten years, and beyond.  

Value-added benefits include:

  1. Guaranteed water quality and quantity.
  2. Complete analytical and applications laboratory.
  3. Technical, Engineering and Marketing Personnel qualified to meet specific plant requirements.
  4. Full-time, experienced, and specifically-trained Field Service Representatives to operate and maintain your on-site system.
  5. Full-service regional regeneration centers with regeneration and maintenance facilities, mobile equipment inventory, parts, and resident personnel.
  6. 24-hour staffed logistics, Operations and Communications Center which also monitors remote jobsite data acquisition systems.

 MFI+RO Integrated Water Treatment System provide treated water in quantities from 100 gpm (22.7 m3/h) to 2,000 gpm (453.5 m3/h) and more.

 Go with MFI+RO Integrated Water Treatment System for a variety of treatment needs

  • TOC reduction for boiler feedwater use.
  • TDS reduction prior to demineralization.
  • Supplemental or emergency service to support in-house equipment for water purification.
  • Post-treatment of DI water to remove bacteria, endo-toxins and other contaminants such as colloidal silica in ultra pure water systems.
  • Full scale process testing for a wide variety of applications.